Maanee Chrystal is devoted to creating a pathway for women who long to embody their authentic feminine nature and expression.

She is a Holistic Psychotherapist, Tantra teacher empowered by Swami Vivekananda Saraswati, Embodiment/Dance therapist and an Erotic, Indian, Contemporary, Belly dancer and Contact Improvisation dance teacher. Through her life experience, dance & educational training, Maanee weaves these elements together facilitatingworkshops, rituals, teacher trainings and private sessions on feminine embodiment and shadow work through out Australia, Thailand, Bali & India on a yearly basis.

The foundation of Maanee’s work with women is a grounded and holistic, in depth exploration into reclaiming and remembering our innocence and freedom as a woman.

Our innocence being our authentic expression that is free from social, cultural and family expectations and conditioning of what it is to be a woman. Our negative patterns and limiting beliefs of unworthiness, fears, projections into the past and future, self doubt, blame, victim hood, pride, shame, lust, insecurities, and the relentless quest and need for others acceptance, validation and approval.

Our freedom being totally accepting, loving and finding meaning within all these facets of our human suffering with out identifying to them as our true self and using our shadow as a pathway to the light of our being


Together we inquire into our lack of self worth and insecurities to become aware of how this manifests as our masks and personas in our daily life and relationships to seek validation and approval from others. To become aware of how this takes us away from expressing our truth, vulnerability and authenticity.Through this inquiry we will discover our hidden potential and inner strength to feel safe enough to walk our truth and authenticity free from the wounding of our past and the expectations we place upon ourself to be in a certain way for others to accept us.

We explore the collective repressed sexual and sensual expression of the feminine and how to reconnect back into our natural, free flowing orgasmic state of creativity and wild femininity.We will discover how to let go of the control of our mind and numbing ourself from truly feeling everything through therapeutic dance and embodiment practices. Finally allowing the connection to our body, yoni ( vagina) and heart to act as our medicine for the unmet, the un-held, and the un-integrated to return home into your awakened, unashamed, authentic feminine expression.

Maanee will encourage you to look beyond your conditioned way of being and enter into a fearless Self-exploration. By removing your perfectionist masks, shedding light on your projections and the subtle competition and threat felt towards other women in order to heal the wounds of the feminine, embrace your insecurities and learn to adore and embody the full spectrum of your authentic feminine expression.