The Embodied Feminine

4- Day Therapeutic Erotic dance & Shadow work for women workshop

BERLIN, GERMANY 29th June - 4th July

This 4 day therapeutic and deeply transformational dance journey is for those women longing to reconnect back into the freedom, love and vastness of their awakened, unashamed, authentic feminine expression. Together as women we will break through the barriers of our conditioned way of being and dance towards a fearless exploration into the autonomous power of Self Love.

 Through explorations of

  • Therapeutic group processes on The shadow side of femininity,
  • Body Image and inhibitions,
  • Psychological projections, masks and insecurities related to your relationship with women and our love relationships.
  • Embodiment practices
  • Sacred Erotic dance: choreography / Lapdance / Strip tease
  • Tantric moving meditations
  •  Ritual

 The intention of this workshop is to bring forth the unconscious/ shadow aspects that inhibit our ability to truly LOVE and ACCEPT ourself just as we are.

FINAL RITUAL on the Sunday evening:
There will be a final ritual creating a Sacred Erotic Temple where we will invite a man along to witness the integration, healing and offering of the embodied feminine. (This ritual is OPTIONAL but highly recommended) more information will be given once you have reserved your place.

**only 15 places available- send a message on the contact page to reserve your place.

no dance experience required

please bring: leggings, lingerie, incense, flowers & a note book/pen

Registration :

Investment : 320 Euros

Please send us a message on the contact page to reserve your place along with a 100 Euro non refundable deposit paid to PAYPAL

In the Dark Places of Wisdom

5- Day Residential Retreat

BULGARIA, 2nd - 6th August

For Bulgarian please scroll down – За Български вижте малко по-долу.

This 5 day residential therapeutic and deeply transformational dance journey is for those women longing to reconnect back into the freedom, love and vastness of their awakened, unashamed, authentic feminine expression.

Together as women, we will break through the barriers of our conditioned way of being and dance towards a fearless exploration into Self Love, Acceptance and Authenticity.
We will inquire into the family, social and cultural programming placed upon you that has shaped and influenced certain expectations upon yourself and your femininity to be in a certain way for others to accept and approve you. Allowing a shedding away of what is not your authentic self in order to open up the space to remember your true essence.

We explore the collective repressed sexual and sensual expression of the feminine and how to reconnect back into our natural, free flowing orgasmic state of creativity and wild femininity.

We will discover how to let go of the control of our mind and ways we numb our-self from truly feeling everything through therapeutic dance and embodiment practices.
To allow the connection to our body, yoni ( vagina) and heart to act as our medicine for the unmet, the un-held, and the un-integrated to return home into your awakened, unashamed, authentic feminine expression.

Over 5 days we will explore

The Shadow:

-Conditioning of Femininity
– Projections
– Relationship to the inner child
– Social, cultural and family conditioning
– Relationship to women & the threat and competition we may feel towards one another

Tantric Femininity

-What is Tantric femininity
-Sacred sexuality
-Sexual shame and body image
-Orgasms and the Yoni
-Tantric rituals

Therapeutic dance & Embodiment

-What is embodiment
-Tantric moving meditations
-Erotic dance
-Authentic movement
-Emotional release through movement


Investment: 550 Euro includes food (brunch & dinner) and shared accommodation for 4 nights

150 euro non refundable deposit is requires to reserve your place

The Venue – Shambanya Eco Center, Bulgaria.
This Eco Retreat is located between the oldest mountain range in Bulgaria and the Black Sea. The closest beach where we will bath is called Irakli. This eco center is located 20 minutes drive from Bourgas airport (BOJ), 1 hr from Varna airport (VAR) and about 3 hrs from the capital Sofia (SOF).
Transport to the venue can be arranged on demand.

14 places available


For more info about the local arrangements please contact – Tatyana Mateva on Facebook or +359 (0) 879 051581

Терапевтични Еротични Танци и Работа със “Сянката” – 5 дневен ритрийт с Маании Кристал от Тайланд и Австралия.

Това е пет дневен терапевтичен и дълбоко трансформиращ танц пътешествие за тези жени, които копнеят да се свържат обратно със свободата, любовта и необятността на тяхната пробудена, безсрамна, автентични женска същност.

Заедно като жени, ще рушим бариерите на нашия условен начин на съществуване и ще танцуваме към Любовта към себе си, приемането и автентичността.

Ще изследваме семейните, социалните и културните програми, поставени върху вас, които оформят и влияят на очакванията, които ние имаме към себе си и женствеността. Ще открием и после бавно ще се сбогуваме с всичко, което не част от нашата истинска същност, за да си припомним отново кои сме, наистина.

Ще изследваме заедно нашата подтискана женска сексуалност и изразите на женственост, за да се свържем с естественото и натурално състояние на оргазъм, креативност и дива и неподправена женственост.

Ще се учим как да се освободим от ума си чрез тялото и танцът.
Ще се възтановим връзката с нашето йони (свещен храм) и сърце.

През 5те дни ще разгледаме:


-Вярвания за Женствеността
-Връзка с вътрешната детето
-Социално, културно и семейно програмиране
-Връзка с другите жени, отвъд заплахата и конкуренцията

Тантра Женственост

-Какво е Тантра женствеността?
-Свещена сексуалност
-Сексуален срам и срам от тялото ни
-Оргазмът и нашето Йони
-Тантрични ритуали

Терапевтични танци
-Тантрични медитативни танци
-Еротични танци
-Автентични движения
-Емоционално освобождаване чрез движение

И още много магия, която ще се роди в мигът на присъствие.
Maanee Chrystal Joy ще ни помогне напълно да приемем кои сме, светлото и тъмното в нас, и да се научим да обожаваме и въплъщаваме пълния спектър на своята женственост.
Фасилитатор: Maanee Chrystal Joy (Австралия)
Организатор за България: Татяна Матева (Тел. 0879051581)

Локацията – Шамбаня
Намира се над Иракли, на пътя Бургас – Варна. Между морето и планината, между небето и земята.
Място за отдих, медитации, холистични практики и астрални преживявания.

This was one of the deepest, boldest and most powerful workshops I’ve participated in. The effects of which are still being integrated into my daily life. I feel lighter, more free, more loving and have thrown away judgements, critiques and old ways of thinking. I will never forget this experience. I’m throughly changed from the downloads I received. The flow of the workshop is excellent and Maanee held space for it beautifully.

~ Fenixx, 45 USA

” I have started a process of releasing old traumas however I felt I hit a wall & I didn’t know how to continue to heal myself, then I discovered Maanee’s workshop. The description was exactly what I was searching for, for years. I now have an other vision of how woman feel. I also feel less alone in my fears and my insecurities. The dance helped me to release and find a part of myself that I put aside. It helped me on the path of accepting who I am without worrying what others think of me and no longer living with fears and doubts of how others will judge me. It helped me release old blocages and traumas that no longer service me. Maanee’s work has offered me the tools to overcome an obstacle that I otherwise could not. My goal is to be myself and this workshop helped me along this path.”

~ Evelyn, 26 Sweeden

Wow, Maanee, what a journey you led us through, a journey to self empowerment, self love, embracing your femininity and sisterhood

It was a very deep journey, very powerful. Definitely not an easy one. It was not easy to ripple of that strong veil of illusion which has been with us since childhood as well as thousands of years of patriarchy on this planet. But you managed to push us so deep that we were FINALLY able to let go of that illusion and claim our feminine side back, with love and with pride.

Thank you for your honesty, your truth and your story, which made us completely feel safe during the workshop. Thank you for being authentic without any pretentiousness. Someone like you is rare to find and I am so grateful to have found you

-Anja, 36 Germany

One on One embodiment & psychotherapy sessions


One on one sessions with Maanee can vary in their offerings as they are tailored to your specific needs for transformation.

From talking therapy and shadow work regarding limiting self beliefs, patterns and your obstacles towards self worth and acceptance in your authentic expression to erotic embodiment and inhibitions in expressing sensuality and sexuality.

A combination of talking therapy, embodiment work around supressed feelings and emotions and dance therapy provide a beautiful and safe pathway in exploring your inner world through direct present moment relating.

Every session is unique as Maanee works with what is alive for you NOW, embracing the unfolding of each session as it arises for you and your needs.

650000 `Indonesian Rupiah per 1 hr
Package : 3.6 million Indonesian Rupiah for 6 sessions

Wow how to even put such an experience in to words.. There really is no way to describe the work that Maanee offers because it is such a unique, individual Journey she takes you on but I can definitely say for me that has been the most powerful work I have done so far on meeting and connecting with my true essence. Maanee really helped me feel safe enough to go to the places i had been avoiding for so long, even denying that were within me, all while holding the most perfect space of true presence, love, support and encouragement. Having a place that i could connect with and express these deep, pushed down and rejected parts of me that were just aching to be seen, heard and loved, has been an absolute life changing experience. Reminding me that it’s not about being perfect, nice, decent, likeable.. it’s about being real. And that when i don’t allow myself to be real, i am denying myself the chance to be loved, thus the vicious cycle continues! Absolutely the best money I have ever spent/invested in myself. Forever in awe, love and gratitude of this Woman. Thank you Maanee!

Alexandra, 23 yrs Australia

My private sessions with Maanee over the past 2 months was a life changing experience where I pushed away some boundaries and connected with my essence that I forgotten since a very long time.
I had the first insight of how to stop judging myself in a very severe way and how to give myself love.
Maanee offered me her vulnerability so that I can embrace mine. She taught me how to dance for myself, how to look at myself with admiration & transcend my judgments.
After each session I felt more and more free,  joyful  and my sexuality became also healthier
I would like to thank her for all the gifts she offered me, for the knowledge she shared. I truly admire her determination to go higher every day on her path and guide other women in doing the same.

Cindy, 31 yrs Switzerland