Tantric Sexuality workshop

26th October 730pm : The Ark, Penastanan - UBUD, Bali

Tantra has a very rich and deep history that entails a science of personal development which confronts you with the fundamental questions in life.

This workshop offers you A holistic understanding and experience of what Tantra really is, the purpose of this practice & how to integrate the Tantric mentality into your every day life.

This whole universe is a web of interconnections. Everything is connected, corresponding and correlates to everything else. Tantra is a system that makes the understanding of this interconnection a fully embodied human experience by embracing everything ~ The physical, sexual, psychological & spiritual aspects of our being

Within our Western society & culture, we are constantly seeking happiness & fulfillment outside of our self. The quest for perfection, chasing desires and external validation in order to obtain temporary gratification is one that also offers great suffering within the human condition.

Rather than being ruled by our bodies desires & the mind we begin a path towards self mastery, where we experience our being as a temple offering us the ability to control the body, mind & sexual energy, leading us towards wholeness, self love & the true nature of our being.

Topics include

~Tantric mentality
~ Tantric Yoga & the basic foundations : The chakra system
~ 7 forms of orgasm for women
~ Curves of pleasure for men & Sublimation of sexual energy
~Training practices for men & women
~ Ritual and sacred sexuality
~ Effects of Tantric love making
~Tantric femininity & masculinity

The teachings in this course are presented in a way that preserves the traditional, authentic transmission while also taking into account our modern Western mindset and context. Pertinent information derived from Yoga, Taoism, Buddhism and modern science is included to reinforce the ageless and universal value of the tantric teachings.

This course is committed to the highest standards regarding language, communication, and interpersonal interactions. There are no explicit sexual presentations or nudity.

With gratitude for the teaching of Swami Vivekananda Saraswati of Agama Yoga. www.agamayoga.com

Investment : Investment : 350,000 Rupiah

Venue : The Ark Penastanan

Relationships workshop

Possessive Love Vs The true nature of Love

Real love is not a search to combat loneliness. Real love is to transform loneliness into Aloneness. If you love a person, you help that person to be alone. You dont try to fill him or her. You don’t try to complete the other in some way by your own presence. You help the other to be alone, to be so full out of her or his own being that you will not be needed. Only in this freedom, when you love someone for who they are & not for what they give you, will you know the true nature of love, pure love, divine love. – Osho

This workshop will explore the following topics:

~ The Alchemical process of relationships: Evolution from Possessive love to the true nature of love

~ Transformation through jealousy, Insecurities & attachment

~ Breaking the cycle of seeking love and happiness outside yourself

~ Cultivating transparency and vulnerability in relationships

~ Becoming aware of and working with core woundings and family patterns in relationships

~Exploration of different relationship models : Monogamous, Open relationships & polyamory

*This workshop is open for everyone interested in deepening their relationship with Love:
Individuals & couples of any sexual orientation.

Investment 35000 Rupiah