“She isn’t just rising she is risen, she has broken through the layers of dysfunction that had her imprisoned. She is woman who made a conscious choice to breath into herself, to honour and value her feminine wealth. she met with the spaces within herself that had been suppressed, rejected, neglected, She found strength in the deepest of inner pain, so much wisdom and growth gained from the spaces that once had her confined, bind, she had been blind to her infinite divine potential.

She met these shadowed aspects honestly devoted to her own self proclaimed prophecy to heal and transmute all that no longer served her being, to connect to her true self and allow her essence to beam, to truly be seen,expressing all aspects of her diverse in-depth nature, she was no longer a stranger to her truth. From the pain of her youth she emerged with great strength and self assured knowings, with the intention to continue growing deeper into her unique essence, deeper into self aware presence She became who she is inside, she broke through the conditioned ties of illusion misperception, connecting to her own idea of perfection.

Perfection being the truth and rawness of her every moment expression. She left the unkind cycle behind that had her believing she was not enough in the unique-ity of her being. She became free. She danced with her newly found sovereignty She is strong in her will, and truthful with her word, compassion and acceptance radiate through her. she vibrates on a frequency of compassionate love for others, she is an honest guiding light for her community of sisters and brothers. maternal grace exuding form her inner space. She loves deeply, with acceptance of the pain that may come, she is not afraid of being hurt, because she knows her worth and her ability to rise tall through every fall with new insight to the depth of her soul.

She realised any form of rejection is a simple redirection laced with a powerful lesson to guide her to a deeper truth. She rides the waves of expansion with trust and willing embrace, should she fall from grace or find herself in a stagnant place she knows she will always rise with stronger height, with broken wings she will still fly , she will continue to invite these inner challenges with intention to grow, dancing with all she has sewn. Worthy is she to thrive in this journey that is her life.” – Annamaria Flynn

Welcome to a journey and initiation into self love

Becoming a facilitator of allowing, holding space and presence.

How can we guide others and ourselves back into contact with the magic of our own heart and her unique expression through the sacred world?

How can we trust the opening and unfolding of the present moment and the mystery that it holds?

How can we trust that peace and fulfilment is resting there, in the present, embodied moment, with out resorting to fear, expectations, should’s, would’s and could’s, control, dis-embodiment and unworthiness as the primary driver of our life, but holding these aspects of our humanness in loving presence?

How can we support one another and ourselves to accept, love, hold and honour every feeling, emotion, sensation, thought, belief, story that arises through our system without judging, suppressing or abandoning the deep vulnerability that is calling to be met and seen by our presence?

Can we open to the wisdom of the human experience married with pure awareness as a sacred messenger that will guide us closer to our true, embodied essence?

The Embodied Feminine Facilitator training is a grounded and holistic, in depth exploration through The Shadow, Therapeutic dance and Tantric Feminine Embodiment

that empowers you with the tools that will cultivate your capacity to allow and express all the parts of yourself you reject, deny and supress due to the belief “I am not good enough”. In turn you will be empowered to facilitate transformational processes for women to encounter the same journey back home into self love, acceptance and authentic feminine expression.

 What does it mean to become a facilitator of the Embodied Feminine?

Truth, Self love and Authenticity.

These are the 3 pillars of our training and what will guide you into becoming the most beautiful human being and space holder, not only for other women but for yourself. Many people are seeking answers in how to heal their own suffering. We go to friends, teachers, therapists, workshops, read books ect to try and find advice that will fix our problems.
As a facilitator and what we are encouraging you to embody and integrate is not one of an advice giver or teacher but a human being who has the courage to go into themselves to discover their own answers for healing and in turn act as a vehicle and guide for others to feel inspired to go into their own process of discovering their own answers.
We do not encourage advice giving but a transmission of the essence of self-love and acceptance through your own ability to love and accept yourself and humbly reveal the nature of how this process can unfold in someone else’s own way by acting as an example.
The process is the marriage of our vulnerability and humbleness and this is what we are inspired to cultivate, to better serve our sisters into self love.


Why are we doing this work?

The divide between the masculine and feminine principles, the power plays and conflict of thousands of years of misunderstanding and battle between the genders, has created the greatest wounding within human consciousness. Resulting in disharmony through the chaos, war, famine, spiritual separation, sexual suppression, breaking down of relationships, fear, hatred, anger, rage and grief expressed in the external world that is a reflection of the inner chaos we as human beings hold within.

There will never be deep and true love between these two principles outside of our self until they have been fully met and united within our own being. A sacred marriage between opposites – the masculine and feminine, the dark and light, the yin and the yang, plus and minus, sex and love, body and mind, earth and spirit… will offer a pathway back into peace, love harmony, contentment and gratitude. In a world of disconnection, dedication to radical self love and acceptance serves as a journey home to freedom. The more freedom one has, the more harmony is reflected into the world.

Our task is to discover what freedom means to you and then manifest this in your daily life as the expression of your true, sacred human potential, so we can vibrate this energy outward and transform the trance of humanities darkness into the expression of love.
By doing this, you will develop and deepen your capacity for transmitting this love to others. Transmission of teachings comes from a state of integration and embodiment within your own being. No practice, exercise or lecture can truly touch others unless you have the capacity or at least the willingness to truly hold space for all these aspects within yourself. This is the journey we will take individually and together through the Shadow, Dance and Tantric femininity.

Facilitators and Assistants

I participated in one of Maanee’s 2 day workshops in Thailand, it inspired me beyond words. I went deep into exploring my sensuality thanks to the safe space she offered. When I heard about the facilitator training, I booked straight away. I was in love with the work Maanee was offering and longed to be in a space again where women had permission to be women, in all their facets.  The facilitator training has been more than I could have expected in terms of my personal growth. I could deeply tap into my vulnerability, courage and power. All these words were just concepts for me before and now I have felt them. I walk away feeling empowered and full of energy to share myself in this world. I am deeply grateful for this kick in the ass into the right direction. It was just what I needed. Thank you Maanee for your transmission. I am amazed at what you have embodied, created and done with your 27 years of age. In aware and appreciate to you and the other facilitators. I love you

March 2017 Training, Koh Phangan Thailland

Mellisa, 26 Colombia

This training has cleansed my soul, purifying me in the essence of my being. Waves of emotion are coming through , creating movement in places that seemed to be stagnant before. Allowing rivers to flow again, back to their original source. I am able to allow myself to drop deeper into the unknown terrain, slowly crumbling down the contained walls of my existence. Grace has come to me, filling me with love. I bow, for you have shown me the way. I know in absolute certainty that this was in perfect alignment with all that needed to manifest for us in this training. All my love, Lotte

March 2017 Training, Koh Phangan Thailland

Lotte, 31 Amsterdam



Full course fees

$3200 USD

Includes course fees, food ( breakfast, lunch and dinner) and shared accommodation ( please see information below about venue and accommodation)

Early Bird price $2800 USD before July 31st

(please note the early bird means, the full amount is paid before or on the 31st of July if you make a deposit prior to the 31st and pay the remaining amount after the 30th of November this means you pay the full course fees)

*Payment plans are available

*$500 USD deposit to reserve your place is required
paypayl :maaneechrystal@hotmail.com or inquire within about other payment options.

NOTE: The deposit in NON REFUNDABLE. Only a deposit secures a place and it will be first-come-first-serve. Only in exceptional cases of illness do we allow refunds. Thank you for understanding

We also require a skype interview. for you to ask any questions and for us to get to know you a little better.


To register please express your interest by sending the team a message



This journey is a residential retreat. We are offering shared accommodation ( 2 women per room). We have intentionally created the process as a shared journey on every level in order to deepen your experience with the women.

It is possible to have a private room, however the cost for the room will be double.

Villa Gaia is a magnificent open-architecture, Balinese-Modern-style home just minutes from Ubud – the artistic and cultural heart of Bali. Overlooking spectacular views of beautiful terraced rice-fields and palm trees,stands a fabulous retreat home featuring luxurious open spaces.

The marble and teak Bali Villa has 7 bedrooms, 8 bathrooms, full Western-standard kitchen, dining room, large screen TV room, full staff and beautiful infinity pool with decks galore and views to awe and soothe the soul.